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about us

we’re a product-based content marketing agency operating from Lagos, Nigeria.

We partner with product-based medium to large-scale companies while offering full-stack content marketing services to improve their brand visibility, increase their market share, and build their customer loyalty.

We provide unique and excellent services, custom-fit for your brand. As a creative content marketing agency, we ensure that your brand strategy and messaging are aligned across your digital touch-points (website, social media channels, online ads etc).

At Remark DMC, our digital marketing strategies enable us to consistently track your KPIs that teaches you to make better marketing decisions that ultimately impacts sales positively.

our brand essence

1. brands rely on ads only

The over-reliance on advertising alone which overshadows organic marketing and building a consistent voice online which impacts brand visibility, customer loyalty and market share.

2. brands underestimate the relevance of consistent online content marketing

Consistent online content marketing helps you build a great relationship with your target audience while helping you reach new audiences. This impacts your sales for the now and in the long haul.

Building a great relationship with your audience online also amplifies your word of mouth marketing, this is a result of your digital interaction with your existing customers and turning them into your brand ambassadors.

our solutions


We help you to improve your brand visibility


We help you to improve your market share


We help you to build and sustain customer loyalty


We help you to track your KPIs for better market decisions

let’s help you connect your product to your customers